Val Technology & Engineering Sdn Bhd


Company Profile

Val Technology & Engineering Sdn. Bhd. has been in business since 1995. The company’s customers are factories, local authorities, government departments, hotel and contractors.

In the past 19 years the company is reputed to be a reliable company with strong customer satisfaction.

Val Technology & Engineering Sdn. Bhd. supported by a group of competent support, staff and consultants manage. 


Initially Val Technology & Engineering Sdn. Bhd. is an importing and exporting trading company engaged in supplying product instruments like valves, pumps, meters, pipes and others pipe line components to meet the water, oil, gas & process needs of industry, building,  agriculture, animal husbandry and domestic use.


In the Year of 2000 Val Technology & Engineering Sdn. Bhd. undertakes support Automation, Pump Control System, Biological Waste Water Treatment Equipment, Filtration System, Fabrication, Services and Repairs to assist clients to operate their equipments and technology in a cost saving, effective and efficient manner for optimum output and success.


Product instruments like valves, pumps, metres and others are available from the company. Val Technology & Engineering Sdn. Bhd is in fact responsive to the needs of the customer and is always willing to contract to meet specific technology and equipment needs and demands of customers in the use and management of water resources.

Key Phrases

Gate Valve Control Valve Check Valve Ball Valve Knife Gate Valve Butterfly Valve Relief Valve Steam Trap Marine Valve Water Meter BRAY FLOWTEK EIM Valves VIKING JOHNSON ELO-MATIC VT MINOX FieldQ TLV Pennant Praher Pipes & Pipes Fitting 

Smart Meter System

AMR wireless smart plastic water meter is high-tech product which integrates the electrical and mechanical parts, adopts advanced wireless communication technology,  The meter measuring data can be automatically read via GPRS network or via wireless meter reading devices and then transmit to utility management system. 

Prepaid Water Meter

A prepaid water meter with one set of management software
- Control system for the usage of water 
- Easy to be manage the system
-Save labour cost 
-Save Time 
-Save money

VT MINOX & VTE General Valve

Through years of field application experience, research and development, VT MINOX & VTE  have designed products that meet the stringent requirements of today’s flow control industry.
VT minox & VTE has earned a reputation for excellence by creating products of superior value and quality, providing personalized customer service and on-time deliveries. 


-Flange has perfected the art of creating a flange.
-Our cutting edge technology allows us to save you time and money without sacrificing quality.
-Our rapid lead times are some of the quickest in the industry so you will never have to worry about hitting your deadlines.
-A majority of our business originates from the United States and Canada, but we are quickly becoming a global supplier.

VT MINOX & VTE General Valve ( BRASS)

-Through years of field application experience, research and development, VT MINOX & VTE  have designed products that meet the stringent requirements of today’s flow control industry. 
-VT minox & VTE has earned a reputation for excellence by creating products of superior value and quality, providing personalized customer service and on-time deliveries. 

Valtech Pipes & Pipes Fitting Manufacture

This is our own pipe manufacture in producing multiple pipes and pipes fitting such as Cast Iron, Copper, PVC, steal and etc. 
Detail about our Piper
Standard :AISI, ASTM, DIN and etc

Place of Origin:Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
Brand Name:VTE / OTV/ VT Minox
Steel Grade:SS304/ 316
Multiple Application:
1. Pipe and Tubes for petrochemical industry
2. Pharmaceutical industry

Bray Resilient Seated Butterfly Valve Series 30

-Applications: Potable Water, Wastewater, SeaWater, HVAC

-Body Style: Wafer, LugBody Materials: Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Carbon Steel and Aluminum.

-Disc Materials: Nylon 11 Coated Ductile Iron, Aluminum Bronze, Stainless Steel, Hastelloy, Halar Coated Ductile Iron

-Stem Materials: Stainless Steel, Monel K500

-Seat Materials: BUNA-N, EPDM, FKM, Polyurethane

Viking Johnson

Viking Johnson is a world leader of couplings, flange adaptors, and pipe repairs products, as well as specialist joints and flow control system solutions servicing.

Viking Johnson is specialist in:

- Dedicated new product.

-PE solution

-Wide tolerance

-Pipe repair

-Flow control

-Specialist joint 

Emerson Actuator Group

Emerson combines industry knowledge, manufacturing expertise, and technological innovation to offer a broad portfolio of products and services to the customers across a wide range of industries. Emerson goal is to design, produce and deliver products, systems and solutions that matter… that make people’s lives better around the world.

Forged Steel Gate Valve

  • Range: gate valves, globe valves, check valve, Y-type globe valves, and Y-type check valves
  • Type: flange ends, inner screwed ends, and socket welding
  • Class: 150 to 600lbs, 900 to 1,500lbs, and 2,500lbs
  • Design: ASME/ANSI B16.34, API 600, and API 602
  • Ends connection:
  • Flange dimension: ASME/ANSI B16.5 (RF)SW dimension: ANSI B16.11Screwed dimension: ANSI B16.20BW dimension: ANSI B16.25

NRS Resilient Seated Gate valve

(1) BS5163 Type A&B, DIN3352 or AWWA C515

 (2) Cast iron / ductile iron materials 
(3) Solid / Resilient wedge 
Working Pressure: PN16/Class125 
Valve Standard:Comply with BS5163 Type A&B,DIN3352 or AWWA C515
Working Temperature:temperature from -10oC to 120oC for EPDMtemperature from -10oC to 82oC for NBR

VT Minox Ductile Iron Butterfly Valve

1.Cast iron/ductile iron materials. 

2.Wafer/Lug/double flange type 
3.Working pressure: PN6/10/16 
  • Design to comply with MSS SP-67, BS5155, and API 609Compatible with ANSI, DIN, and JIS flanges
  • Size range: handles (11/2 to 12 inches), manual gear operators (11/2 to 48 inches)
  • Pressure: PN0.6 to PN1.6MPaMedium: acids, alkali, and salts


- High accuracy, high reliability, high over-load capacity,low power consumption,small size and light weight,long span life and non-calibration  during service life.
- It can measure the energy consumption normally at current reverse -situation, and the energy will be automatically added to forward energy consumption.
-Can accurately measure forward and inverse active energy.


-The meter has a digital keypad, it can be used as integrated meter, or used as split type by adding a current loop connected keypad.

-Data inquiry function
-Sound warning
- Meter Cut off power in terms of 0 credit, and recover power when new credit 
is entered  
- Real time display terminal cover and upper cover condition, cut off power in abnormal condition- Double relay to prevent tamper 


- Measures inverse energy and accumulate to forward energy quantity.
- Keeps proper operation after phase missing.
-All energy data can be read via the optical port.
It makes us of high precision electronic measurement technology and can realize accurate measurement with wide voltage range.
It features long service life, high accuracy and excellent reliability.


-Prepayment power using mode, payment made before using power.
One meter one card, ensure data of power consuming safety and reliable.

- Preventing power/balance hoarding       
- Overdraft /Credit power usage      
- Overload detection, control and alarming 


-Measures forward and inverse energy, with inverse energy accumulated to
 forward energy quantity
Displays the simultaneous energy direction and simultaneous power.
-It features high accuracy and reliability, robust load burden, low consumption and light weight.
Displays register with backup battery at power outage, and maintains the
 display till power restores.


-guaranteed payment and arrears collection
-extensive management tools through detailed report functionality 
-the ability for customers to manage their consumption more easily
- can collect data from meter remotely
greatly improve anti-disturbing and sensitivity
encoding can also filter wrong and false information.


-new products designed by the Electrical Measurement Instrument Company 
 the ideal standard test devices for power sectors, energy metering management departments, technical supervision departments, R&D institutions, industry and mining establishments, manufacturers of energy meters and electrotechnical instruments


-To measure and display the released heat power
-Consisted of flow sensor
-Optical interface, long distance communication, can read meter by PDA.
-M-BUS communication
-Horizontal or vertical installation.
-Alarms when voltage is low

Rotarex Firetec

Pre-Engineered Systems
-Approval: CE/ Novec/ HFC22 Tea/FM 2000
-Install directly inside High-risk equipment